Celebrate the best things in life

Help to fill this tree full of lights. (by the gate into Atlow Churchyard)

Each light can be dedicated by you to mark important things in your life – the birth of a child, a wedding, the love of someone dear, a great life, a fantastic achievement, your family, a significant birthday, living in a beautiful place, etc.

Each bulb will mean something special.

From 6th December the lights will start to go on from dusk till 10.00 pm.

Each Sunday during advent more lights will be lit as more bulbs are sponsored. By Christmas, we hope the whole tree will be illuminated, reflecting the things that give us joy.

To sponsor a light please tell us who or what the light is for and why so that we can make a display of all the dedications in the church and on the Village Hall Facebook page for everyone to see.

Place details of your story and a donation of £5.00 per bulb in an envelope and into in the special post box by the tree, or for more details, please contact:

Suzanna Monteith on 370131, or email here   or

Kath Smith on 371996, or email here

Or you can make a secure payment online by clicking here or using the QR code on this page

Donations this year will go to support the farmers charity RABI and the Padley Centre in Derby

Don’t forget to email your story to Suzanna or Kath once you have made your donation.  Thank you.