Some of you reading this will remember TWAM from the past and donating tools and sewing machines that have been refurbished and sent to African countries to enable men and women to earn some income to maintain their families and allow children to attend school.

A new Refurbishment Centre is being opened in Rugby shortly and this is a good moment to remind folk of TWAM and it’s mission to help those who have little or no other opportunity to improve themselves or their families.

We often use the Charity Shops in this country for disposing of items we no longer need that have much life remaining in them, or to buy items we wish to have around.  But they do not wish to have tools or machines that need to be refurbished before re-selling.   TWAM offers that opportunity and gives the tools to those who have attended and graduated from one of their Training Course.

The list of tools required is pretty widespread and includes:    Agricultural, Builders, Carpenters, Electricians, Motor Mechanics, Plumbers, Garage Workshop. Power Tools, Sewing Machines, Knitting Machines, Haberdashery, Fully Working IT Equipment.

If you have any items that you wish to dispose of, please contact me and we will discuss when and where to collect them.  At present a colleague  will take them to the nearest point where they will be collected by a TWAM van and taken to Rugby for refurbishment before being transferred to Ipswich to be loaded onto a container for Africa.

If you would be interested in perhaps being involved with TWAM and collecting locally, again, please have a word with me and we can discuss the opportunities

From my time in Zambia at the close of the last century I met a few people who had been on a TWAM training course and had established a business, one in carpentry and the other in dress making.   They had a skill they could use for the benefit of others and a regular employment for themselves and for their families.  It is a really wonderful organisation and gives so much hope to so many.

There is a whole lot more you can read and learn on their website – click the link here.

Rev. Joe Lister – Park Cottage, Tissington, Ashbourne, DE6 1RA.  01335 368912.       or email Joe by clicking here