Domestic Abuse Support 

Living under the current restrictions and social distancing are difficult for us all.  But for those having to self-isolate it can be even harder.  The usual social interactions that keep us in touch each other have been reduced and, for some, removed completely. For those living in fear of domestic abuse, the current restrictions may increase the risk of serious injury and emotional harm.   

The Police and local authority in Derbyshire are expecting the number of incidents of domestic abuse to rise in line with other countries who are further along the coronavirus journey than the UK. The Derbyshire Domestic Abuse Helpline offers a vital lifeline for those experiencing abuse within the home and they have introduced a new service enabling victims of domestic abuse to text messages to the helpline.   

Those reading this may not be experiencing abuse but if you can share the numbers on websites and through social media you may help protect someone from serious harm.  The contact details are as follows:  

0800 0198668 – countywide helpline number 

07534 617252 – text messaging helpline service