Midlands Women’s Convention – October 5th 2019.      Theme: “The Lord our Rock”

Anyone can book to go to this event in Nottingham.  Some from our Benefice are already booked in.  Details about the event (from their website) are below, plus a link to the booking page:

We are really looking forward to the 2019 Midlands Women’s Conventions. In our main talks, Hannah Fox will be teaching us from 1 & 2 Samuel focussing in on two prayers: Hannah’s Prayer in 1 Samuel 2 & David’s prayer in 2 Samuel 22.

They both beautifully point to Jesus as they focus us on God’s steadfast character in the stormy chaos of life.

Our seminars will encourage women of all ages & stages to trust in the Lord & to live in the light of His promises to us. Choose two out of the five seminars on offer and we will schedule them so you can attend both. Once again there will be a seminar track over both sessions for women aged 14 – 17.

As well as great Bible teaching, we will enjoy singing, prayer & the company of other women. There will also be a huge bookstall from 10am, so you can take a bit of the convention home with you.

We hope & pray that you will come and join us in the East MWC in Nottingham or the West MWC in Solihull. Why not bring some friends with you to hear the good news about Jesus ? MWC is suitable for women aged 14 and above. See you there!

Liz Cox & the Midlands Women’s Conventions Committee