Many of us start the new year intending to get our finances in order. That might include writing a will – something that can be time consuming and expensive.  To help make things simpler, the Church of England has partnered with Farewill, (winner of the National Will Writing Firm of the Year 2019, 2020 & 2021), to offer a free online will writing service.  By using Farewill, anyone in your church can write their will, from home, in as little as 30 minutes – at no charge.

There is no obligation for people using the service to leave a gift to a church, and loved ones will – and should – always come first. However, some people will remember their local or favourite church and every gift, great or small can make a real difference to the mission and ministry of that church for future generations.

Farewill’s specialist team is available to help over the phone or email, Monday to Saturday, 9am-6pm. Wills are expertly checked to ensure the will-writer’s wishes are clear.

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