Here are the prayers from Maurice for this morning’s service….

Responses to the words:  Lord as you call us….Make us worthy of our calling.

Lord as you are with us we proclaim the good news,as we reach out to heal,to cure, to raise up; you are with us as we battle against evil. We pray for the church and the whole world, for all involved in mission and outreach.
Lord as you call us….

Lord you have called us to work together.We pray for the work of the United Nations.We remember all who are seeking to build up communities.
We pray for those on government and leaders of industries.We pray for all who have a sense of vocation and dedication.
We remember those whose work is thwarted by greed or violence of others.
Lord as you call us…

We give thanks for all who have called us to a knowledge of you.We pray for those who have sacrificed for us,those who love us,and those whom we love.
We give thanks for all who have been examples to others.
Lord as you call us…

We give thanks for carers,for home helps,hospital workers & social workers. We pray for all whose vocation is cut short by sickness or disease,for all whose lives are restricted by poverty or oppression. We bring before God all those in our benifice who are ill at this time:

Kim Moore, Frank Pilkington, Janet Harrison, Betty Ormsby, Maureen Whitbread, Rebecca Walsh, Chris Goldstraw, George Critblow, Thomas Shields, Alfie Dennison, Doreen Smith, George Copper, Ann Mountney & Ann Wilkins.
We pray that God will enfold each and everyone with his assurance and love.
Lord as you call us….

We are glad for all who have fulfilled their calling and have entered the fulness of your kingdom. We ask for your comfort for the families and friends of those who have recently died in our locallity:

David Morris, Ellen Birch, Bill Kellie, Alan Hopkin, William Burton-Smith & Roy Marriott.
We pray that like them we may follow you for ever.
Lord,as you call us…

Guide us that we may become the people you would have us be. Direct us that we may do as you would have us do; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen