Make Polluters Pay Action Day 23rd September

Ashbourne Churches Together One World Group invites you to stand alongside our global neighbours by joining our vigil on Saturday 23rd September at 11am in Victoria Square.

The Make Polluters Pay Action Day will see people across the UK call on the UK Prime Minister to urgently make polluting industries pay up for climate induced loss and damage.

Rising global temperatures, caused by greenhouse gas emissions are driving the climate crisis. It’s leading to more frequent and severe climate disasters. These climate disasters are happening on a scale so large that communities don’t have the resources to adapt, causing them to experience loss and damage.

The climate crisis is impacting us all, but those most affected are communities in the global south, who have done the least to cause it. They pay the bill for loss and damage. Meanwhile those responsible for the climate crisis, like fossil fuel corporations, continue to make vast profits from their polluting industry, and turn their backs on the loss and damage they’ve caused.

As well as doing all we can to limit temperature rises to minimise future loss and damage, we must make those most responsible pay for loss and damage too. Thanks to the powerful demands of countries and campaigners in the Global South, in 2022 governments agreed to create an international Loss and Damage Fund. But right now, the fund is empty. Those most responsible need to pay into the fund now. But the profit driven actions of big polluters show they won’t do this willingly.

Join in this Action Day and call on the UK Prime Minister to urgently make polluters pay.

We’ll meet at 11am in Victoria Square, Ashbourne, on Saturday 23rd September for a vigil lasting around 30 minutes. During the vigil, we will light candles and share in prayers for our world. Please stand with our global neighbours on this important issue.

Ashbourne Churches Together One World Group