“Thy Kingdom Come” prayer movement is now in its 6th year.  It encourages us to pray from Ascension day to Pentecost (11 days).  We have joined in various aspects of it in the past and this year we are encouraging you to ‘Pray for 5’ and to use the Prayer Journal.  Other resources are available on the TKC website.

Prayer cards and leather bands will be available in each of our five churches for you to have.  There are spaces to write 5 names of people you want to pray for on the card, and you can tie 5 knots in the leather band and wear it as a reminder to pray.  There is a lovely story in the link on the right about how one lady remembers to pray for her 5.

Here is a quote from Pete Greig, Founder of the global 24-7 Prayer Global Movement, who features on this year’s TKC app, via Lectio 365 content, said: 

“Never in any of our lives has the message of Pentecost been so needed in our world. At Pentecost the disciples who have been locked down in the upper room, fearing for their lives, are filled with courage as they take to the streets. It is profoundly a moment of new beginnings for the church, and thus for the world, born out of a constancy and intensity in united prayer. In this moment of bewildering challenge for the church around the world, prayer is the most natural, necessary and wonderful thing we can do. Thy Kingdom Come provides the opportunity for us to petition heaven for a great awakening to occur in our lives, the lives of our loved ones, the life of the church and within the very fabric of our nations. I am excited for these ten days and expectant to see how God responds to the prayers of his people at this time.”